The Fetal Alcohol Syndrome (FAS) is a direct consequence of alcohol consumption by the mother during the pregnancy. The FAS-project wants to contribute to awareness, guidance and prevention.

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The FAS-project started off as a distinct journalistic initiative to raise awareness for FAS, but eventually developed into a big multimedia awareness campaign showing the dangerous consequences of alcohol consumption during pregnancy. It raises attention to a relatively unknown problem in a personal and storytelling manner. Among other things, the project consists of books, films, expositions, presentations, E-learnings, campaigns, participation and buddy projects. Photobook FAS-children will be translated in English and German in 2017.The project was started in 2013 and will continue until 2025. Each year, a new project (components) is produced with the goal to give FAS a face and to help contribute with awareness, guidance and prevention.

Het Witte Bos

The FAS-project is organised by Foundation Het Witte Bos. Het Witte Bos initiated transmedia projects with the interface of journalism, art and society. Our method is called impact storytelling, and we deploy it by putting neglected themes on the map. We use the power of storytelling to inspire and inform a broad audience. A project always consists of multiple activities that complement and strengthen each other. Het Witte Bos was founded in 2013 by photographer Allard de Witte and journalist Joost Bos.

Our Stories

  • 2025

    In the project FAS2025, we follow five children on their way to adulthood. We will continue meeting, filming and photographing them. How will it continue and where will they end up? You can follow this project until 2025 by becoming a gratuitous friend.

  • Crazy Stories

    In the project 'Crazy Stories', 22 adults with FAS were paired up with a profesisonal storyteller, e.g. a writer, journalist or cartoonists. They worked on a story together during a year. The top fifteen most beautiful stories are bundled in the book: Waanzinnige Verhalen (Crazy Stories).

  • Children With FASD

    In the book Children With FAS photographer Allard de Witte and journalist Joost Bos give a personal and affectionate insight into the lives of three children with FAS, in photos and stories. Send an email to info@wittebos.nl to place an order.

  • Stories of Experts

    On this site, experts tell us what FAS means to them and how it influences their life. In a grit with short clips, they all answer six important questions. In the FAS-film, we put the most beautiful fragments back to back.

What is FAS?

When a mother consumes alcohol during her pregnancy, it is harmful to the unborn child. In the worst-case scenario, it causes Fetal Alcohol Syndrome (FAS). The damage done by alcohol during pregnancy is permanent. In the Netherlands, each year hundreds of children are born with FAS, and thousands are born with alcohol related damage (FASD).

FAS is a storm in your head. FAS is having no control over your life. FAS is being different. FAS is for life.

FAS can show itself in a number of specific physical abnormalities. People with FAS have difficulty with impulse control, concentration and attention problems, and strong reactions to sensory stimulus. These complaints are often misdiagnosed as ADHD or autism. FAS is not curable, but it is preventable!

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