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FAS2025 tells the story of Isiah, Mila, Lorenzo, Marcella and Jasmijn, following their journey towards adulthood for ten years. Their stories are told by a collection of stories, portraits and mini documentaries. The project also consists of expositions, books, a college tour at universities to inform future professionals about FAS, a project in which letters are exchanged between young adults with FAS and their mother, and more. Each year, several new elements of the project are added to FAS2025 (text in dutch). Introducing the five main characters:


Isiah had to stay in the hospital for six weeks immediately after his birth.That is how long it took Isiah to detox from alcohol. He cried for six weeks. Isiah weighed 1795 kilograms, was 42 centimeters and only received tube-feeding. From then on, his grandmother took care of him until her death. Now, his aunt Peggy looks after him. He is now a handsome young man, who has difficulty with social contact.


When Lorenzo was three months old, he was placed into care. In the middle of the night, youthcare brought him to his grandmother, of whom was know she had experience with FAS-children because of the care for her grandson Isiah. Now, his aunt Peggy looks after him. Lorenzo is a cheerful boy, who loves to dress up with his girlfriends and behave in a theatrical way.


Mila was born in Poland. She was 1,5 years old when she was adopted by Wendy and Jan, who brought her to The Netherlands. She had no hair, couldn’t eat independently and still wore the clothes of a baby. Mila was a mini human. Now she has a normal height and weight and is a very curious young girl.


Since Marcella was 4 years old, her foster parents Ad and Jeanette take care of her. At that time, Marcella had a lot of nightmares. Now, she is very strict towards herself, wanting everyone to like her. The positive attention and clear structure at home and at school are good for Marcella. She loves animals and soccer.


When Jasmijn was 9 months old, she came to Esther for observation. Jasmijn barely moved and could only lay there and smile. Esther was so touched, she didn’t want to let Jasmijn go. Now, Jasmijn is an energetic and vibrant young girl, discovering the world. In the supermarket, she keeps grabbing things from the shelves to ask what it is.


The FAS-project started as a journalistic initiative to raise awareness for FAS, but eventually developed into a big multimedia awareness campaign, showing the dangerous consequences of alcohol consumption during pregnancy.


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